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Don’t Go Out on a Limb.

Be Safe; Call Us!

Worried about the dead tree leaning precariously over your house? Call J. Birch Tree Service for a free estimate of the cost of having it safely removed before the next strong wind blows it over.

Emergency 24/7 Service

J. Birch Tree Service has been in business for 15 years – our employees are insured and trained. We even offer emergency after-hours service. Located in New Liskeard, ON, we speak both French and English for your convenience.

Stump Removal and More

You can count on us for professional pruning, rigging, tree cabling and bracing, as well as chipping, stump removal and bucket truck rental. Don’t leave that storm-damaged tree hanging dangerously over your driveway or parking lot – let us take care of it neatly and efficiently.


Is Pruning Really Necessary?

At J. Birch Tree Service, we recommend regular pruning to improve the tree’s health and to provide clearance around nearby buildings or power lines. And don’t forget aesthetics – properly pruned trees will increase the beauty and value of any commercial or residential property.

When We Come to Prune

We prune trees when they are dormant for two primary reasons. First of all, it will minimize the risk of pest problems associated with the wound entry, as this will give the tree enough time to close and compartmentalize its wounds. Secondly, tree growth can be reduced if pruning takes place during the initial growth flush (when trees have just produced new foliage and early shoot growth), thus stressing the tree. J. Birch Tree Service prunes trees properly so that they can be "trained." In doing so, it improves the overall structural health of the tree and reduces the amount of maintenance it will require later on.

Get Your Free Estimate!

For your free estimate, or if you have questions about tree pruning or hazardous trees on your property, please contact J. Birch Tree Service. We’re ready to go to work for you!

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