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Residential, Commercial & Municipal Tree Services

Emergency Tree Services in Temiskaming Shores, ON

Are you worried about the dead tree leaning precariously over your house? If so, count on J. Birch Tree Service Inc. With over 25 years of experience in the business, we offer emergency tree services to the residents of Temiskaming Shores and the surrounding area. With our exceptional arborist services, we can help you restore your trees and improve the aesthetics of your property. We also offer free estimates to determine the cost of having your dangerous trees safely removed before the next strong wind blows them over.

Choose the arborists at J. Birch Tree Service Inc. to properly prune your trees and shrubs in order to ensure that they grow correctly and live for many years to come. You can rely on us for professional rigging, pruning, tree removal, cabling and bracing, chipping, stump removal, bucket truck rentals, and more. We will get your job done in a meticulous and efficient manner.

Our Specialties

All of the employees at J. Birch Tree Service Inc., are fully insured and trained to provide you with complete tree care services in Temiskaming Shores, Cobalt, Kirlkland Lake, Earlton, Engleheart, Temagami, Dymond Township, Cobalt and the surrounding communities. Our knowledgeable crew will use effective techniques to remove hazardous trees and keep your property safe from tree damage. Our services include:

Tree removal
Tree pruning
Stump removal
Hazardous tree removal
Tree cabling and bracing
Lot clearing
Property maintenance

Tree Pruning Experts

Our insured tree care experts can help you get rid of the diseased branches of your trees while enhancing their health and vitality.

Our Gallery Expo

View our gallery and see what we can do for you, your tree, and your property. We also offer 24-hour emergency services.

Located in New Liskeard, ON, we speak both French and English for your convenience. We are available round-the-clock to serve you better. Call us today to get your free estimate.

Professional Association

Arboriculture Canada Training & Education Ltd.

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